From the moment you know that you will be house moving in Nairobi or Kenya, the stress sets in. Just the thought of what has to be done during house moving in Nairobi Kenya, and how much time and energy it will take to do it, can be very overwhelming. This is completely normal; however, we encourage people to overcome that initial phase of stress and worry by wasting no time in putting a solid plan together.

at Luxury Movers and Packers we believe importance of planning every last detail of what goes into House moving from one house to another particularly in Nairobi and Kenya at large,  is crucial in simplifying the process and ensuring that things go smoothly. While there will still be some amount of stress involved and perhaps, a few surprises along the way, it makes a world of difference to have a plan that helps you stay on schedule and prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

House Relocation Checklist

Overall cost of moving 

When you have a rough estimate of the costs involved, you can come up with a budget that is feasible for you, and continue to plan your move within it.

Create a packing schedule

More often than not, the process of packing up all your belongings is what tends to get ahead of you. At luxury movers we do all the challenging work for you on our house moving services in Kenya. While weeks or months may seem like a long time, before you know it, you are counting down the days till you move and thus, begins the race against the clock! This is exactly the kind of situation you can avoid by simply making up a packing schedule to keep you on track.

The most efficient and beneficial way to do this is by having a timeline wherein you mark how much of your stuff you want to have packed by a certain date

Have a box for essentials 

Now imagine being at your new house and having to scramble to find these items and unpack them; it sounds frustrating, inconvenient, and time-consuming.

To avoid this scenario altogether, list down the essentials you will require as soon as possible at the new house, and be sure to pack them together in one or more boxes. Label the boxes in bold letters on all four sides to locate them quickly and easily.

Book a Moving Company in advance

This is something people tend to leave till the last minute (perhaps, a week or so before the move); however, for more reasons than one, this can be a very risky thing to do. On the one hand, hiring moving companies is subject to their availability, and on the other, you may not have enough time to research companies and compare prices

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Create a Checklist for Moving 

It may seem like extra work but taking the time out to make a moving checklist certainly comes in handy. This is where you will list down all the things you need to do pertaining to the move, big and small. Don’t worry about making a complete moving checklist the first time around; simply add tasks as and when you think of them so that they are not forgotten later.