Packing and Moving bulky items Nairobi often seems like a long and tedious task. Sometimes, there seems like you are a superman – putting your whole house in just a handful of boxes might even seem impossible to some. When it comes to trying to move huge and unusually shaped items  things become nightmare to handle.

You can feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin wit! Do you get a box for the item? Do you try to secure it the best you can? There are, however, some things you can learn that will make the whole process easier for you.

One of the simplest things that you can do is use the right material to pack large and heavy items. These materials might be a bit more costly than what you will usually use during the move. However, they are sure to keep your items safe during the transport, and a bit easier to pack and move. Luxury movers and packers offer leading moving services in kenya  and have these materials already.

One of the first things you want to find is some stronger boxes. These can either be the heavy duty shipping ones or the double-ply cardboard boxes. You need the boxes to be strong enough to hold the heavy items. You can also use some specialty boxes, like book, dish, bottle or picture boxes.  Finally, you can use wooden crates. There are cheap but great for heavy artwork and other heavy items with weird shapes.

What other materials you need for Moving bulky items Nairobi

It’s not only boxes that you need to pack large and heavy items. You also need materials that will secure them and keep them in place. Stabilizing items during the move helps protect them from damage. This is why you need to use wrapping, cushioning or padding.

You need to have thick wrapping. You can use stuff like foam padding, bubble wrap or even moving blankets. Wrapping your items has many purposes. First, you reduce the risk of damaging the items and the floor in case of dropping them. Secondly, thick wrapping will protect the items from bumping into one another during the transport.

Tips for moving heavy and bulky items

If you are currently preparing for Office moving or international moving or relocating to your new home, you probably have small as well as bulky items to pack. While small objects can easily go into boxes or containers that protect them against damage, bulky items, such as household appliances and furnishing items are much more difficult to pack. Here are some tips to make packing large things easier:

  • Use foil and bubble-wrap – very large items cannot be packed into boxes and bags, so the only thing that you can do is to protect them with some sort of flexible packaging solution;
  • Remove drawers and shelves – empty the furnishing items that have interior storage components, such as shelves and drawers and pack these components separately for making it easier to move the large items;
  • Take apart whatever you can – disassemble all the bulky items that can be disassembled. That way, you will have multiple, smaller items, rather than one huge object that is difficult to move. Don’t forget that you will have to re-assemble the items after you arrive at your new location, so take pictures of your items when they are still assembled and document every stage of the disassembly as well, that way you will be able to it all again in reverse order in your new home.